300 Series

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  • Meets and Exceeds ANSI Standard 156.4 Grade 1
  • Universal Hole Pattern Offering Versatility And Precision Engineering For New And Retrofit Market
  • Multi Size Adjustable Commercial Door Closer
    Sizes 1 Thru 4 and 3 Thru 6
    Meeting Barrier Free Applications
  • Hydraulic Door Closer with Standard Back Check
  • Full Plastic Cover Is Standard Feature
  • Optional Adjustable Delayed Action For Handicapped Or Elderly
  • Full Cover Multi-size
  • Full Feature Closer
  • UL Listed, Conforms to Standards UL10C and UBC7-2-1997
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Factory tested to meet or exceed ANSI  Standard 156.4, Grade 1
  • 300 PBFCOV: Non-sized, fully adjustable 1 through 4, (Barrier Free ADA). Full cover. For 30-185 lbs door weight.
  • 300 PCOV: Non-sized, fully adjustable 3 through 6. Full cover. For 85-260 lbs door weight.
  • Standard adjustable back check intensity valve
  • Hydraulic door closer with standard adjustable back-check valve
  • Standard full plastic cover (2 5/8" W x 3" H x 10 1/8" L) COV/400
  • Universal Mounting - standard size #4 Mounting Holes. (9 - 1/16")
  • Finishes available: Alum, Dark Bronze (Duro), Gold, and US3
  • Dual valve, closing and latching speed controlled by two separate regulating valves
  • Universal application, non-handed, designed for all standard installations
  • Reinforced type adjustable tube arm
  • Rack and pinion operation contained in a high tensile precision cast with needle bearing aluminum housing for the highest quality
  • High quality hydraulic fluid for high lubricity and constant lubrication
  • The streamlined design permits installation on most commercial and residential applications without adaptors
  • Power adjustment bracket on regular arms (15% adjustments, ± 7 1/2%)
  • Hold open arm optional (Part #301/302) for regular & parallel installations
  • Can be used for retrofit of Norton 1600 and Yale 50


  • 300 Series closers fulfill all requirements for ADA for interior and exterior doors. Complies with building and barrier free codes
  • Ideal for new construction and renovations including:
    • Office and Retail
    • Hotels
      Commercial and Industrial
      Health Care
    • Religious



A. Length of Closer Body 9-3/4"
B. Horizontal Mounting Holes 9-1/16"
C. Vertical Mounting Holes 3/4"
D. Height of Closer Body 1-3/4"
E. Projection from Door 2-7/8"

Universal Applications

Comparison Chart

* CAN BE USED FOR RETROFIT OF NORTON 1600 and Yale 50 (Sizes 4, 5, or 6)

Cal-Royal dorma Hager lcn norton parker sargent yale
300 640/7300/7400 5300 1070/1370 1600 900 1130 50

The data on this chart represents our judgment of which are most similar. Since no product is exactly alike the information has been obtained from trade sources. It is not guaranteed nor represented that any specific product exactly equals any other product. Door closer body size may be different.