Alarm Exit Hardware

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Alarm Exit Hardware
ANSI A156.3, Grade 1

Rim Type Exit Devices

NALRM9800EO36 - Alarm Rim Type 36" Door (Panic Grade)
NALRM9800EO48 - Alarm Rim Type 48" door (Panic Grade)
FNALRM9800EO36 - Alarm Rim Type 36" door (Fire Grade)
FNALRM9800EO48 - Alarm Rim Type 48" door (Fire Grade)

Vertical Rod Type Exit Devices

Prefix "NALRM" before PART #


  • Alarm unit has an internal horn. When the push rail is depressed, the horn sounds to provide an audible means of signaling that the door has been opened and breached.
  • The unit has changeable 2 minute alarm cutoff or manual reset. Preset at factory for 2 minute alarm cut off.
  • The key switch to turn the alarm off is a standard 1-1/4" cylinder with "C" keyway. The alarm operates on one standard 9 volt transistor battery. When battery is weak the horn will emit an intermittent signal.
  • Alarmed units are supplied with a switch that monitors push rail only.
  • Unit includes "Emergency Exit Only. Alarm will sound." decal for application on door or unit.


P Primecoat 600 USP Steel
3 Polished Brass, Clear Powder Coat 605 US3 Brass
4 Satin Brass, Clear Powder Coat 606 US4 Brass
9 Polished Bright Bronze 611 US9 Bronze
10 Satin Bronze Clear Powder Coat 612 US10 Bronze
10B Oil Rubbed Bronze 613 US10B Bronze
26 Polished Bright Chrome 625 US26 Brass
26D Satin Chrome 626 US26D Brass
32 Polished Bright Stainless 628 US32 Stainless Steel
32D Satin Stainless 630 US32D Stainless Steel