Selector Chart

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2200 & F2200 Rim Type and Fire Exit Devices
2260 & F2260 Vertical Rod and Fire Exit Devices
ANSI A156.3, Grade 1
Selector Chart

Single Door Pair of Doors Without Mullion

Vertical Rod Type or Rim Type

2 Vertical Rod Type
Surface applied 2 point lock. Surface application. Surface applied 2 point locking both doors. Each door active same direction. Do not use with overlapping astragal.
Pair of Doors With Mullion Pair of Doors Without Mullion

2 Rim Type With Mullion

1 Vertical Rod and 1 rim Type
Two independent active doors with full double door openings when required. Same direction. Both devices are surface applied. A coordinator and overlapping strike is recommended.
Pair of Doors Without Mullion Handing

2 Vertical Rod type
Double egress surface applied. 2 point locking both doors opposite directions.