Alarm Exit Hardware

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Alarm Exit Hardware
ANSI A156.3, Grade 1


  • 1, 3, 5 minute and continuous alarm type settings available.
  • ON and OFF power switch.
  • Alarm sound frequency is 120 db.
  • Alarm units have an internal horn. When the push rail is depressed, the horn sounds to provide an audible means of signaling that the door has been opened and breached.
  • The key switch to turn the alarm off is a standard 1 1/4" cylinder with "C" keyway. The alarm operates on one standard 9 volt transistor battery. When battery is weak the horn will emit an intermittent signal.
  • Alarmed units are supplied with a micro switch which monitors the push rail and the latch bolt for foolproof security on rim devices.
  • Alarm unit has signal OC output that can be linked to external alarm control systems.
  • Easy removal of the alarm unit without the need to dismount the exit device for battery maintenance.
  • Unit includes "EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY. ALARM WILL SOUND" decal for application on door or unit.

Rim Type Exit Devices

ALRM 2200 EO36 - Alarm rim type 36" door (panic grade)
ALRM 2220 EO48 - Alarm rim type 48" door (panic grade)
FALRM 2200 EO36 - Alarm rim type 36" door (fire grade)
FALRM 2220 EO48 - Alarm rim type 48" door (fire grade)

Vertical Rod Type Exit Devices

Prefix "ALRM" before part #

Power Supplies

Power supplies for electrified exit devices are available.