Fire Exit Hardware

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Fire Exit Hardware Selector
ANSI A156.3, Grade 1

Fire Exit Hardware UL Fire Door Rating
Application Model # Maximum Door Opening ( A ) 3 Hour
Single Doors
Rim Type
F5000EO36 3' 0" x 7' 0"
Pairs of Doors
Two surface mounted standard vertical rod type or less bottom rod (LBR) Application. Prefix LBR before Part #

a) Swinging in same direction
b) Swinging in opposite Direction (Double Egress)
6' 0" x 7' 2"
6' 0" x 7' 2"
Pairs of Doors
Two rim type with mullion
F5000EO36 6' 0" x 7' 2"

All fire rated exit devices in all applications, are also labeled for (B) 1-1/2 hour, (C) 3/4 hour, (D) 1 hour, (E) 3/4 hour. All fire exit hardware meet UL10C and UBC 7-2-1997 codes.

How to Order Information

Exit Device Model Number
Panic Grade Fire Grade
5000 E036 Rim type 36" door
5000 V3684 Vertical rod type 36" x 84"
F5000 E036 Rim type 36" door
F5000 V3684 Vertical rod type 36" x 84"
  1. Specify exit device model number according to size of door.
  2. Specify trim selection.
  3. For vertical rod devices specify LHR (Left Hand Reverse) or RHR (Right Hand Reverse) for convenience; easily field reversible, otherwise shipped as LHR.
  4. Specify finish:
    Alum - Powder coated to match US26D
    US32D Stainless Steel
  5. On thru bolt applications, fire rated vertical rod devices are packed with thru bolts as standard feature. Thru bolts are also available for other devices. To order thru bolts add "SBN" to trim pack.
    When ordering separately use following part#
    Cal-Royal part # 357 --- Thru bolts for rim devices, 6 pcs / pack.
    Cal-Royal part # 369 --- Thru bolts for vertical rod devices, 14 pcs / pack.
    Ordering example:
    • 5000EO36 ALUM X 8000L 26D
    • 5000V 3684 32D X CLU5000L 26D