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Digital Keypad Door Lock Heavy Duty GRADE 1

  • Meets or exceeds BHMA / ANSI A 156.2 Series 4000, GRADE 1
  • Easy Installation & Programming
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Long-Life Battery Operation
  • 2 Remote Switches
  • Interchangeable Core
  • Master Code
  • 10 Manager Codes
  • 1 Sub-Master Code
  • 90 User Codes
  • 5 Service Codes
  • Passage Mode
  • Weather Resistant
  • Buzzer & Led Indicators
  • Anti-Tamper Lockout
  • Clutch Technology
  • Non-Handed, Reversible
  • Enable & Disable Users Mode
  • Tactile Metal Keypad
  • User Friendly


  • Master Code – performs all programming functions.
  • Sub-Master Code – performs all programming functions except delete or change Master Code.
  • Manager Codes – CR3000 can accommodate 10 Managers each having different codes and under each Manager has 9 Users (1 Manager + 9 Users = 1 Bank). Managers are capable of programming / adding and deleting User codes under his Bank. Managers are also capable of accessing the next higher Bank until another Manager Code appears.
  • Service Codes (5) – are one-time codes only. It cannot be used again. Once a Service Code is entered, the unit will unlock but will automatically delete the code.
  • Passage Mode – once enabled, the unit is unlocked continuously until “Disable Passage Mode” is initiated.
  • Tones and LED Indicators – can be programmed for different settings. Making sure that every key pressed is confirmed by an accompanying LED and / or tone.
  • Next Free Code Location Finder – no need of guessing what free location is available in entering a new code. CR3000 can pin point and tell you where the next available location is.
  • Code Locator Function – CR3000 can tell you the exact location of a certain code. Making it easy to determine as to what manager a user code is under.
  • Keypad Anti-Tamper Lockout – if an invalid code is entered 3 times in succession, the unit will turn off for 30 seconds to prevent tampering.
  • Remote Switch / Release – CR3000 provides 2 Remote Switches. Either can be used for an emergency push button switch, or connected to alarm systems such as fire alarms.
  • Weather Resistant – CR3000 are manufactured making sure that internal electronic parts are protected from moisture, dust, water and corrosion. All models are weather resistant for temperature ranges of +158°F to -22°F (+70°C to -30°C).
  • Clutch Technology – the outside lever of the CR3000 is a free-wheeling lever. If no valid code is entered, the lever will just turn freely without moving any parts inside, thus preventing breaking or tampering.
  • Non-Handed – CR3000 can be installed for both left and right door opening.

 (IC) Indicates function available with BEST, FALCON & ARROW Interchangeable Core.


    For offi ces, schools, hospitals, apartments, hotel / motel, residential, commercial and public buildings.
    1 ⅜” to 2” thickness.
    2 ¾” Standard, 2 ⅜”, 3 ¾”, 5” and 2 ¾” anti-friction latch with ¾” throw for pair of fi re doors optional.
    Standard 2 ¼” x 1 ⅛” for 2 ¾” backset.
    Optional 2 ¼” x 1 ⅛” for 2 ⅜” backset.
    ASA strike standard, “T” and full lip strike available on request.
    Meets or exceeds BHMA / ANSI A 156.2 Series 4000 Grade 1 requirements.
    4 AA Batteries (comes standard in packing)
    Clutch technology allows turning of lever without retracting latch, thus prolonging the life of the lock by reducing stress on the spindle and other parts.
    6 pin solid brass “C” keyway standard. Schlage E, Schlage C-K, Russwin D1-2-3-4, Corbin 59/60, Corbin-Russwin L4, Sargent LA-LB-LC, Falcon / Weiser E, Arrow A, Yale 8, Yale GA and Kwikset. Can also accept Medeco, Assa, Kaba and Cal-Royal (HSK) High Security Cylinders.
    Interchangeable Core locks will accept compatible 6 or 7 pin cores with BEST, FALCON and ARROW. Prefi x “IC” before part number.
    All models are weather resistant for temperature ranges of +158○F to -22○F (+70○C to -30○C).
    12 programmable buttons for multi-level access functions including group or individual user codes, master and management codes, passage and emergency or service codes.




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