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Large Format IC (LFIC) Cylinders

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• UL 437 – Listed • Retrofits all CRP-Securities cylindrical locksets and deadbolts including other popular brand names • Hardened Silver Nickel Side Bar • Exclusive Keyways • Pick-Resistant Spool Pins • Patented Cylinder and Key • Unique floating side bar pins • 0-Bitted or Keyed Different • Anti-Drill Hardened Steel Pins (2 – Standard, 9 – UL) • Comes standard with 2 keys

The Large Format Interchangeable Core (LFIC) Cylinders are Configured as “Schlage” Format. It Comes in a 6-Pin Configuration.

  • Pick-Resistant Spool Pins
  • Anti-Drill Hardened Steel Pins
  • Hardened Silver Nickel Side Bar

The CRP Securities High Security Key (HSK) System utilizes the innovative Sidebar technology to bring superior and manageable Key Control. Together with distinct keyways and controlled means of key blank distribution, the Sidebar offers a superior level of Key Control Management. Keys can be cut on any standard duplicating and code cutting machines. All cylinders can be master keyed (MK), keyed-alike (KA) and keyed-different (KD). The HSK System is designed for use in institutions, schools, hospitals, banks and all commercial and residential applications. The Sidebar series keyway is a proprietary design that is distributed in a controlled manner. Card control is implemented which requires authorized signature for valid duplication. We offer a cost-effective level of security comparable to other expensive high security control systems. Maximum pick resistance is assured in HSK Systems with the utilization of anti-picking side pins and random mushroom top pins secured by cap screws. Standard cylinders are equipped with 2 hardened steel pins (up to 10 for UL-Listed) in the cylinder plug face for the ultimate in drill resistance. This protects the top and bottom pins and the sidebar from drilling attack. The Large Format Interchangeable Core (LFIC) cylinders are configured as “Schlage®” format. It comes in a 6-pin configuration.


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