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Hospital Tip Hinges

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Lifetime Warranty on Commercial Grade Hinges BHMA CERTIFIED

CAL-ROYAL Hinges are VALUE and a clear advantage to you. At CAL-ROYAL we strive for quality and excellence with service being our number one priority. CAL-ROYAL pays more attention to customers' needs and satisfaction than anyone in the industry.

  • ANSI Products Standards - CAL-ROYAL HINGES complies with ANSI A156.1 (Butts and Hinges), A156.7 (Template hinge dimensions), A156.17 (Self Closing Hinges and Pivots), A 156.18 (materials and Finishes).
  • Plain Bearing Standard Weight - For Standard weight doors receiving low frequency service. Template hinges are furnished with all machine and wood screws.
  • Ball Bearing Standard Weight - For Standard weight doors receiving average frequency service. Template hinges are furnished with all machine and wood screws.
  • Ball Bearing Heavy Weight - For Heavy Doors (such as entrance and corridors) or doors receiving high frequency service. Inner edges are beveled to conform the shape of barrel and to make close fitting joints. Heavy weight template hinges are equipped with all machine and one half screws.
  • Half Surface 5 Knuckle Template - For standard weight Kalamein doors with hollow metal jambs receiving average frequency service.
  • Half Mortise 5 Knuckle Template - For hollow metal doors with channel iron jambs receiving average frequency service.
  • Swing Clear - For use where conditions require a completely clear opening when door is opened to 90 degree angle. Inner edges of leaves are beveled to conform to shape of barrel and to make close fitting joints. Phillips head threaded plug permits hinge to be reversed to suit application.
  • Full Mortise - Both leaves are mortised. One leaf in the door and one leaf in the frame (wood door or hollow metal door with wood frame or hollow metal frame).
  • Half Mortise - One leaf is mortised in the door and the other is surface applied to the frame (hollow metal door with channel iron frame).
  • Full Surface - Both leaves are applied to the surface, one to the door and the other to the frame (metal core door or hollow metal door with channel iron frame).
  • Half Surface - One leaf is mortised in the frame and the other is surface applied to the face of the door (wood door with wood frame or metal core door with metal hollow frame).
  • Materials and Finishes - Wrought Steel: Satin finishes or highly polished and plated. All plated finishes have a clear baked finish.
  • Wrought Stainless Steel - Satin finish non-ferrous, non-corrosive grade 304.
  • Stock Finishes - Refer to our price list for stock finishes. Materials such as solid brass are available on request. Prefix SB before part #.
  • Tips - Button: All hinges have flat button tip, except concealed ball bearing hinges which are flush.
  • Non-removable Pins - Removable threaded set screw in barrel prevent pin from being removed when door is closed. Available on all hinges. Use N.R.P. for ordering.
  • Special Pins - Solid brass pins, stainless steel pins and Hospital Tips are available on request. Decorative tips are also available on 4 1/2" x 4 1/2", 4" x 4", 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" commercial hinges and 4" x 4" and 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" residential hinges. Add BT (Ball Tip), ST (Steeple Tip) before part number for specification. Other Size Hinge tips also available based on factory order.

  • Packaging - All hinges are individually wrapped to protect the finish. Commercial grade hinges are packed 3 pieces per inner box with full machine and full wood screws. Residential hinges are packed one pair per box, bulk assembled or unassembled. Spring hinges are packed 2 pieces per box. Refer to price list for carton quantities.

Type of Materials

  • Steel - Durable, has great strength but is highly corrosive. Rusting will result if the material is used in an uncontrolled environment, like places near the sea where the atmosphere is salty. Steel is best to use in a stable contained surroundings such as inside a building where the temperature and humidity are controlled. Steel hinges can be used on listed fire rated or labeled door openings.
  • Stainless Steel - This material is also durable and has great strength, but does not corrode like steel. This is best to use on highly corrosive areas. A 316 grade stainless steel or clear coat over 304L is recommended. Stainless steel can also be polished to a satin or bright finish. Stainless steel hinges can also be used on listed fire rated or labeled door openings.
  • Brass - Like stainless steel, brass is also non-corrosive and rust resistant. And although brass has less strength compared to steel and stainless steel, it is very decorative. It is often used in applications where appearance is taken into consideration over strength as it can be polished and plated in various finishes. But due to its low melting point, brass may not be used on listed fire rated door openings.

Types of Finishes All steel and brass material hinges can be plated to match the available finishes that are listed in the American National Standards Institute or ANSI, standard ANSI/BHMA A156.18 Materials and Finishes. Anti-rust Finishes When using steel based materials hinges, special finishing procedures can be done which will improve and add protection to the product. A nickel undercoat may be applied prior to plating. But although this will give added protection and make it rust resistant, it is still not considered rust proof. Stainless steel or brass which is a non-ferrous material may be used if a true rust-resisting hinge is needed.

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The Electrified Hinge made door wiring easy, safe and reliable. Power can now be transferred from the frame into the door either exposed or concealed.

With the introduction of electrified hinges, we are now able to monitor the position of the door, transfer power and incorporate both functions into a single hinge. More so, we now have the ability to electrify other hardware items such as exit devices, electric strikes and electrified locks.

Full mortise hinges are highly recommended for modification purposes. However, monitoring can be supplied on a half surface hinge if the need arises. It is also recommended that the Center Hinge Location be used with all electrically modified hinges.

The maximum voltage that is allowed in electrified hinges is 48 volts. Higher voltage is not allowed because of potential dangers. The current (amperes) should also be taken into consideration.

4, 6 and 8 wire available on all standard weight, heavy weight and concealed ball bearing hinges in all sizes. Specify Hinge.


Prefix ELE + (No. of wires) before ITEM # ELE4: 4 Wires - 26 gauge · 1A@24V (per pair) ELE6: 6 Wires - 26 gauge · 1A@24V (per pair) ELE8: 8 Wires - 28 gauge · 1A@24V (per pair)


Prefix ELELR + (No. of wires) before ITEM # ELELR4: 2 Wire -18 gauge, 5A (16A in-rush for 300 ms.) + 2 Wire -26 gauge ELELR6: 2 Wire -18 gauge, 5A (16A in-rush for 300 ms.) + 4 Wire -28 gauge ELELR8: 2 Wire -18 gauge, 5A (16A in-rush for 300 ms.) + 6 Wire -28 gauge


For pricing & availability inquiries contact your Local Distributor or click here for the list of our Sales Representatives

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Rounded tips at barrels end to help prevent hanging objects on the hinge. The hinge pin is irremovable. Hospital tips are used in medical or security areas and mental institutions to prevent tampering and/or injury. 2-ball bearing is recommended for average frequency doors while 4-ball bearing for high frequency usage.


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