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C-440 - Design for tighter frames, demonstrates extremely low closing forces. seal begins compressing at 5/16". 

             Compress to seal up to a 1/16" gap.

C-880 - Its seal begins compressing at 1/4". Compress to seal up to a 1/16" gap.

C-0773 - Trifle- Fin designed to block light and sound. seal begins compressing at 3/8". 

                Compress to seal up to a 1/16" gap.



»    Adhesive Weatherstrips are made from Silicone Rubber with 3M Adhesive Tape that can handle various applications and high temperature (effective between -58°F and 450°F).
»    High-Quality Self Adhesive with strong initial adhesion and long term holding power.
»    Provides a simple and cost-effective way to create a seal around your door frame.
»    Non-Toxic and Self-Extinguishing; Resistant to sunlight, ozone, oxidation, weather, water, and flames.
»    Impermeable to mildew and fungus; will not degenerate under normal exposure.
»    Used for Wood or Hollow Metal Frames.


Our Door Weather Seal products are engineered and tested for durability and reliable performance to ensure that they meet or exceed the industry standards, providing an energy-efficient door solution that restricts air, light, smoke, and insects from around the opening.


NOTE: Products are sold through authorized distributors ONLY.