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8600 Series Low Energy Operator Smart Swing

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  • Optional Exterior / Interior Operations
  • Interior Operator with Clutch System but without wind dampening and Power Close with 5 force settings feature.
  • ADA Compliant and conforms to ANSI A156.19/ UL235 standard for door operators
  • 700 lbs door capacity and 48" wide
  • Easy non-handed conversion, specify hand when ordering
  • Programmable  controller with easy setup and programming
  • Push and Go feature opens a door when pushed manually
  • Obstacle detection feature for open and closing ensure the safest use possible
  • On-Board Power Supply, 12/24 VDC 1.2A for strike and latches
  • Adjustable closing and Opening speeds
  • Adjustable closing force
  • Adjustable latching speed and position
  • Electrified lock input and delay

Operator Features:

• Programmable controller with digital LED display. Simple easy
to use interface for installation setup and programming.
• Selectable PUSH & GO feature with separate adjustable
hold-open times engages automatic opening after the pedestrian
has manually moved the door.
• Built-in Obstacle Detection safety on opening and closing door
operations that reverts direction of the door to prevent pedestrian
entrapment with up to 4 attempts.
• Selectable with 5 separate force settings during Power Close*
operation from fully open 90° position to fully closed.
• Electrified Lock Input option for selectable Fail Safe or Fail
Secure electric strike operation.
• Electric Lock delay provides an adjustable time delay of 0.2 to
2.0 sec. between activating the electric lock and the start of
the opening cycle.
• Wind Force Dampening* feature engages motor to reduce
abrupt door speed to prevent damage to the door, hinges, and
operator's arms.
• Stack Pressure Compensation or adjustable force stack
pressure feature engages power close operation during last
30° of swing.
• Before Open Latch Assist feature provides selectable power
close of 2.0 sec “before open” latch assist to prevent binding
of the electric strike.
• Digital Impulse Signal Connection enables wet input for
12/24 VDC accessories providing impulse signals can
connect directly to the control board without costly relays.
• Blow Open for Smoke feature enables the door to open when a
signal is received from an alarm system allowing for air and
smoke to be ventilated out.
• Electronic & Mechanical Stop feature is adjustable to
prevent damage to door hinges, walls, and operator's arms.
• Presence Detector Input feature enables the operator to input
2 external safety sensors.
• Extendable Spindle feature makes it easy to extend spindle
up to 3” for unique installations where the operator has to be
mounted higher than typical installations.
• Reveal Push Side 14” Standard.


  • Application Low Energy Swing Door Operator
  • Power Supply 90V ~ 250V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Consumption 100W Max
  • Motor 1/4 Hp, Low revolution 24VDC, 3A MAX
  • Rated Operation Continuous opening and closing cycles
  • Reduction Gear Enclosed Reduction Gear system
  • Control System Microprocessor Digital Control
  • Operating Environment: Ambient temperature -18 deg ~ +50 deg. ( no condensation or icing} Ambient humidity 30% to 85%RH (no hazardous materials must be present in the atmosphere)
  • Operation During Power Failure
  • Low manual resistance when opened by hand.
  • Door closing by spring.
  • Operator Net Weight 17kg Approx./ 38lbs
  • Operator Dimensions 5 ½” (H)(140 mm) x 4 ½” (D) (115mm)
  • Door Weight (max) 700 lbs (318kg) per leaf
  • Door Width Limits 29" up to 60" (Consult factory for Special Sizes)
  • Operator Width 29" - 102"
  • Installation Types Push, Pull, Overhead Concealed, Center spindle
  • Adjustable Opening Angle 80° - 180°
  • Auxiliary Power supply 1.2 Amps @ 24vdc for accessories
  • Closing Force Adjustable Pressure by Spring Tension and optional motor close
  • Product Standards UL 325 Listed by ETL #5012330
  • ANSI 156.19 Compliant

Introducing our 8600 Series Automatic Swing Door Operator. A swing door
operator is beneficial for any commercial, retail or industrial environment,
bestowing any manual door with the complete effortless convenience of an
automatic door.
Whether you need a door operator for ADA compliance, to improve traffic
flow, or simply to heighten your patrons’ experience, Cal-Royal can provide

a door operator system that is customized to suit your specific requirements.
With our door operators, you can turn virtually any swing door into an
automatic door. Our swing door operators are perfect for transforming
a manual door to an ADA compliant low energy automatic door.
Compatible with wood, metal, and glass doors. Allow for fast and easy
retrofit installation.
Cal-Royal’s mission is to make our customers’ business as successful and
profitable as possible. We want to be the preferred partner for distributors
and the number one choice of end-user customers by providing innovative
products and technical expertise.

NOTE: Products are sold through authorized distributors ONLY.