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CRCODE200 Series

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  • SINGLE CODE USER - Only one code combination chosen from thousands of combinations can be set at a time to deter code breakers. Code length is from 1 to 12 digits and can be permutated with a non-repeating digit up to over 5000 combinations. 
  • EASY ON-DOOR CODE CHANGE - Code can be changed without removing the lock from the door and using only a “code change” key. 
  • 1-12 DIGIT CODE - An entry code can be a combination of 1 to 12 digits long. The digits can be entered in any order. For example, if the chosen 6-digit code is “5283XZ” it can be entered as “ZX3825” or “3X8Z25” or in any other combination of the 6-digit code.
  • BREAKAWAY LEVER DESIGN - Lever will stay at the 5 o’clock position when forced down without retracting the latch, to prevent breaking of the handle and giving the impression of the handle being broken to discourage or scare off vandals.
  • CODE-FREE OPTION (PASSAGE MODE) - Once enabled, the lock remains unlocked until disabling PASSAGE MODE is initiated. (For CRCODE203, inside and outside locks must be set)
  • WEATHER RESISTANT - Can resist above or below normal weather conditions without compromising security.
  • NON-HANDED - Easily field reversible handing. 



  • GENERAL - Full length 5 ½” lever handle with ⅞” return. Escutcheon dimension 3 ½” x 8 ⅛”. Key removable outside lever for all models for fast re-keying.  Non-handed levers. 2 ⅛” diameter bore.

  • BREAKAWAY LEVER DESIGN - Lever will stay at the 5 o’clock position when forced down without retracting the latch, to prevent breaking of handle.

  • DOOR RANGES - 1 ⅜” - 2 ¼” for CRCODE202, 1 ⅜” - 1 ¾” for CRCODE203, 1 ¾” - 2” for CRCODE204

  • ANSI STANDARDS - Meets or exceeds ANSI A 156.2, Series 4000 Grade 2 requirements.

  • LATCH FACEPLATE - Standard 2 ¼” x 1 ⅛” for 2 ¾” backset for CRCODE202 and CRCODE203 only. 

  • STRIKES - ASA 1 ¼” x 4 ⅞” standard for CRCODE202 and CRCODE203 only. Other strikes are available upon request. Strikes for CRCODE204 comes standard with exit device ordered. 

  • CYLINDER & KEYWAYS - 6 pin solid brass “C” keyway standard. Schlage E, Schlage C-K, Russwin D1-2-3-4, Corbin 59 / 60, Corbin-Russwin L4, Sargent LA-LB-LC, Falcon / Weiser E, Arrow A, Yale 8, Yale GA and Kwikset. Can also accept Medeco, Assa, Kaba, and Cal-Royal (HSK) High-Security Cylinders.

  • TRIM - Thru-bolted assembly through door with separate spring cage for each lever. 

  • LATCH OPTIONS - 2 ¾” standard, brass with ½” throw (with optional 2 ⅜” backset, 2 ¼” x 1” faceplate) for CRCODE202 and CRCODE203.

  • Note: CRCODE202 and CRCODE203 for Non-Fire Application Only

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Mechanical Stand Alone Push Button Lock and Exit Device Trim with Breakaway Lever Feature

  • Meets ADA requirements specially designed for Barrier Free Application. Conforms with ANSI A156.2, Series 4000 GRADE 2
  • Easy installation covers 161 prep (2-1/8" hole)
  • 1 - 12 Digit Code
  • Single Code User
  • Key Override
  • Easy on-the-door code change without removing the lock
  • Code-Free Option (Passage)
  • Breakaway Lever Design
  • Clutch-Free mechanism
  • Weather-Resistant
  • Non-Handed
  • More than 8000 non-sequential possible code combinations
  • For offices, schools, hospitals, apartments, hotels/motels, residential, commercial, and public buildings.

NOTE: Products are sold through authorized distributors ONLY.