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»    Brush Weatherstrips are designed to seal the gap around the door, between the bottom of the door, and the top of the threshold or floor surface.
»    Energy-efficient; prevents heat loss and infiltration of sound, light, drafts, insects, moisture, smoke, or fire.
»    It consists of high-quality Nylon Brush encased in Extruded Aluminum Seal Retainers.
»    These products can be used on either Wood or Hollow Metal doors (in-door sweep, jamb/header gasketing, and split astragal) applications.
»    Punched with slotted holes for adjustment.
»    Also available with a rain drip design (BWR-301), which deflects water.

Our Door Weather Seal products are engineered and tested for durability and reliable performance to ensure that they meet or exceed the industry standards, providing an energy-efficient door solution that restricts air, light, smoke, and insects from around the opening.

NOTE: Products are sold through authorized distributors ONLY.